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Citizens for a Consolidated
Burrillville Fire District

We believe the time has come to consolidate Burrillville’s small village fire districts into one town wide district to better serve our beloved town.

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Who We Are

We are residents and taxpayers of Burrillville who believe the current format of fire and EMS services in our town is no longer economically efficient.  We believe the current multiple district system should be consolidated into one town wide district which could improve fire and EMS emergency responses by making it more fiscally and operationally efficient.

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Our Focus

Burrillville residents take pride in their town and community. We want a safe and affordable place to live and work and raise a family.

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We hope to draw attention to residents and taxpayers that we are paying more than we need to for our fire and EMS service, and the small village fire districts have more equipment than many of Rhode Island’s cities and have.

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Contact your district

We will provide contact information for each fire district on this site. Let your district know you want an efficient and economical fire and EMS service and consolidating into a town wide district is the way to achieve that.

Attend district meetings

Each district holds monthly meetings. All are currently holding virtual meetings that allow you to “attend” their meetings from your own home.

Get Involved

Contact us to show your interest in this cause and help us inform the community that the fire and EMS service in town needs to change. Also attend district meetings or contact a district board member, and demand to know why we pay so much for fire and EMS emergency services and why we have exceptionally high amount of duplicate and redundant equipment compared to other Rhode Island cities and towns.

Join Us

Explore our website or contact us at burrillvillefireconsolidation@gmail.com for more information. Also, follow us on our Facebook group. We want to hear from you.