Citizens for a Consolidated Burrillville Fire District are a group of residents and taxpayers of Burrillville who believe that the individual village fire districts are no longer efficient providers of fire and EMS emergency services in our town. Rarely are practices that were commonplace over 100 years ago not evolving over time as society evolves. This century old system of having multiple small village fire districts administering emergency services to the town no longer provides an efficient service to Burrillville. Inflated budgets and excess equipment have become the norm in these districts. For example, if one district buys a piece of equipment it often triggers the others to buy similar equipment. For instance, this town now has four sets of Jaws of Life tools, one for each current district. Which are more sets than many bigger city and town fire departments in our state.

This inefficient and disjointed system is why the Citizens for a Consolidated Burrillville Fire District believe the Town’s small village fire districts should be consolidated into one town wide district. We feel it would be wrong if cooperative services that could lead to cost savings and or improved efficiencies exist but are not at all examined. Saving money and being more fiscally responsible is an important focus of government entities. Efficient use of tax resources is a part of the social contract between a government and its residents.

If the average Burrillville citizen or taxpayer were aware of the high cost of fire and EMS services in our town they also would be pushing for consolidation. It is our mission to help make them aware of this issue. In the proceeding pages we will show you why the current system is inefficient and some of the advantages that consolidation will be able to provide the town to gain an efficient and streamlined fire and EMS emergency service.