We want to hear from you. If you feel as we do that the current situation with fire and EMS services in Burrillville needs to change please contact us at burrillvillefireconsolidation@gmail.com.


Attend your district’s meetings. Currently, all are holding monthly meetings virtually. Visit the RI Secretary of State’s Open meetings site here to find agendas and minutes to the latest district meetings. Search the public bodies tab for:

Harrisville Fire District

Nasonville Fire District

Oakland/Mapleville Fire District

Pascoag Fire District

Let your district know you want an efficient and economical fire and EMS service. Contact them to make them aware that consolidating into one town wide district is the way to achieve that, and make the town’s fire and emergency services more efficient and safer.

Harrisville Fire District
115 Central St.
Harrisville , RI 02830
(401) 568-2224
(401) 568-5110

Nasonville Fire District
2577 Victory Hwy.
Nasonville, RI 02830
(401) 568-5020
(401) 678-6021

Pascoag Fire District
141 Howard Ave.
Pascoag, RI 02859
(401) 568-4920
(401) 568-4470

Oakland/Mapleville Fire District
46 Oakland School St.
Oakland, RI 02858
(401) 568-7398
(401) 568-5720